September 2019: Welcome back to the List!

Greetings friends! We hope you had a great summer. The List is gearing up for a series of fall events, including a welcome back social where we will share details about (and celebrate!) our ongoing work. We have been busy between salons and we are excited to share ongoing work on the precarious status students initiative, and a new and exciting SSHRC funded research project that will see us study U of T!

For those who are new to the List – this is an initiative of an informal group of U of T faculty that aims to build relations, networks, dialogues and actions among progressive faculty, students, staff, and between other universities and communities in the region. The List was inaugurated in the wake of the 2015 CUPE strike on our campus, with the intention of building on the coalitions and conversations that took shape during the labour action. Since then, we have hosted ‘salons’ off campus in a social space several times a term. The salons have addressed a wide range of issues that impact our campuses and communities including divestment campaigns (fossil fuel, BDS), the university as a real estate actor, Indigenous space on campus, sexual violence, white supremacy, precarious work, corporatization, dis/ability on campus, and many many other important topics. Some of these events have led to lasting collaborations — for example a working group on precarious status students that involves folks from York, Ryerson, and migrant rights communities.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you want to get involved. We will be announcing the dates for fall 2019 events very soon.